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Regression in Beaker 2.18.0 AIO testing for PuppetDB usage


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      Seems we've introduced a regression in Beaker 2.18.0 introduced by changing defaults in a minor revision. Its broken all our PuppetDB tests, well at least the AIO ones, which is the majority of them.

      This is the guilty patch I think: https://github.com/puppetlabs/beaker/commit/d715cb1d31b2d92ac245fc55383b4dc1a3e727c0

      Failure example is here: https://jenkins.puppetlabs.com/job/platform_puppetdb_int-sys-legacystable/697/BEAKER_CONFIG=ec2-west-debian7-64mda-64a,BEAKER_OPTIONS=postgres,BEAKER_TYPE=aio,PUPPETDB_INSTALL_MODE=install,label=beaker-ec2/console

      Currently our usage of the bounce_service method involves tapping into that variable 'puppetservice' but this has now changed underneath us:


      Can we either a) get a fix b) revert or c) get some guidelines about how this is all meant to click together? For c) I mean, feels like setting a static value here isn't the right move, do we have to override this default globally ourselves somehow? I'd prefer this Just Worked (tm) as it did before, TBH, but hohum. Please advise.

      Anyway, our tests have failed hard on this regression right now, so we've pinned back to Beaker 2.17.0 until we get a direction on this one so our tests will pass. Please let us know where we go from here, we don't want to stay pinned for very long if we can avoid it.


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