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Bolt PowerShell wrapper should allow for the use of Convert-ToJson (or similar) when using --params


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      Known Issue
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      When passing complex arguments to tasks with --params, JSON strings (typically created with the ConvertTo-Json cmdlet) might require additional escaping. In some cases, you can use the stop parsing symbol --% as a workaround.
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      Needs Assessment


      BOLT-159 introduced a change to simplify argument passing from PowerShell when dealing with nested quotes.

      The change does improve the case mentioned, such that users can now use a simpler invocation like the following (rather than using """ themselves):

      bolt command run 'echo "hi from $(hostname)"' --modulepath .  --nodes winrm://localhost -u Administrator -p Qu@lity! --no-ssl

      However, there are still cases where using more complex argument passing does not work properly due to not all values being escaped correctly for Ruby.

      In an ideal situation, a complex object should be serializable to a JSON string, which can then be passed directly like --params ($myobject | ConvertTo-Json). Note that we will likely need a new PowerShell helper to serialize the values as desired, because of the way ConvertTo-Json handles certain types. For instance, more complex values like RegEx, IO.FileInfo and DateTime do not serialize in a way that's friendly to Bolt, requiring that ToString() be called first.

      PS C:\cygwin64\home\Administrator> [DateTime]::Now | ConvertTo-Json
          "value":  "\/Date(1550588884351)\/",
          "DateTime":  "Tuesday, February 19, 2019 3:08:04 PM"
      PS C:\cygwin64\home\Administrator> [DateTime]::Now.ToString() | ConvertTo-Json
      "2/19/2019 3:08:07 PM"
      PS C:\cygwin64\home\Administrator> [IO.FileInfo]'c:\windows' | ConvertTo-Json
          "Name":  "windows",
          "Length":  null,
          "DirectoryName":  "c:\\",
          "Directory":  {
                            "Name":  "c:\\",
                            "FullName":  "c:\\",
                            "Parent":  null,
                            "Exists":  true,
                            "Root":  {
                                         "Name":  "c:\\",
                                         "FullName":  "c:\\",
                                         "Parent":  null,
                                         "Exists":  true,
                                         "Root":  "c:\\",
                                         "Extension":  "",
                                         "CreationTime":  "\/Date(1536991766317)\/",
                                         "CreationTimeUtc":  "\/Date(1536991766317)\/",
                                         "LastAccessTime":  "\/Date(1550181187575)\/",
                                         "LastAccessTimeUtc":  "\/Date(1550181187575)\/",
                                         "LastWriteTime":  "\/Date(1550181186731)\/",
                                         "LastWriteTimeUtc":  "\/Date(1550181186731)\/",
                                         "Attributes":  22
                            "Extension":  "",
                            "CreationTime":  "\/Date(1536991766317)\/",
                            "CreationTimeUtc":  "\/Date(1536991766317)\/",
                            "LastAccessTime":  "\/Date(1550181187575)\/",
                            "LastAccessTimeUtc":  "\/Date(1550181187575)\/",
                            "LastWriteTime":  "\/Date(1550181186731)\/",
                            "LastWriteTimeUtc":  "\/Date(1550181186731)\/",
                            "Attributes":  22
          "IsReadOnly":  false,
          "Exists":  false,
          "FullName":  "c:\\windows",
          "Extension":  "",
          "CreationTime":  "\/Date(1536991766473)\/",
          "CreationTimeUtc":  "\/Date(1536991766473)\/",
          "LastAccessTime":  "\/Date(1550170740568)\/",
          "LastAccessTimeUtc":  "\/Date(1550170740568)\/",
          "LastWriteTime":  "\/Date(1550170740568)\/",
          "LastWriteTimeUtc":  "\/Date(1550170740568)\/",
          "Attributes":  16,
          "Mode":  "d-----",
          "VersionInfo":  null,
          "BaseName":  "windows",
          "Target":  [
          "LinkType":  null
      PS C:\cygwin64\home\Administrator> ([IO.FileInfo]'c:\windows').ToString() | ConvertTo-Json
      PS C:\cygwin64\home\Administrator> [RegEx]'.*' | ConvertTo-Json
          "Options":  0,
          "MatchTimeout":  {
                               "Ticks":  -10000,
                               "Days":  0,
                               "Hours":  0,
                               "Milliseconds":  -1,
                               "Minutes":  0,
                               "Seconds":  0,
                               "TotalDays":  -1.1574074074074074E-08,
                               "TotalHours":  -2.7777777777777776E-07,
                               "TotalMilliseconds":  -1,
                               "TotalMinutes":  -1.6666666666666667E-05,
                               "TotalSeconds":  -0.001
          "RightToLeft":  false
      PS C:\cygwin64\home\Administrator> ([RegEx]'.*').ToString() | ConvertTo-Json

      A command that should work when this change is completed is

      bolt command run 'Get-Counter "\Processor(_Total)\% Processor Time"' --modulepath .  --nodes winrm://localhost -u Administrator -p *redacted* --no-ssl

      A variant of the following as a task which accepts JSON parameters should also be acceptable (something like the following)

      $names = @(
      '\memory\% committed bytes in use',
      '\Processor(_Total)\% Processor Time',
      '\Processor(_Total)\% User Time'
      $counters = @{"names" = $names}
      bolt task run foo::windows --modulepath .  --nodes winrm://localhost -u Administrator -p *redacted* --no-ssl --params ($counters | ConvertTo-Json -Compress)


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