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    • Fix Version/s: BOLT 0.18.2
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      Bolt Kanban
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      New Feature
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      Adds a facts module to Bolt that provides a plan to retrieve facts from targets (preferring Facter if available) and add them to $target.facts.
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      Needs Assessment


      Create a facts module in Bolt that provides a plan that accepts a TargetSpec, gathers facts for the Targets, and update their facts in inventory via add_facts on Targets. Also returns the hash of target names to their facts.

      • It should run the facts::shell (bash) task on all ssh or local:bash nodes
      • It should run the facts::win (ps1) task on all winrm nodes
      • It should run the facts::ruby (ruby) task on all pcp nodes

      The facts module should get a facts::win and facts:shell task to handle gathering facts when the puppet agent isn't present. It should have a facts::ruby task for when the agent is present that always runs facter.
      The facter::win and shell tasks should check if facter is available and run facter returning all facts if possible.
      If facter is not available they should return the os structured fact similiar to what minifact already does.
      Consumers of the plan can detect lack of agent by absence of aio_agent_version.


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