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puppetserver generated .src.rpm makes external calls for software.


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      CentOS 7

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      Should be posible to build an src rpm and from that an rpm from git repository.

      Should be posible to build an src rpm and from that an rpm from git repository.
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      Release Engineering
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      Customer Feedback
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      Needs Assessment


      I was trying to produce a puppetserver rpm from teh puppetserver git repository.

      GEM_SOURCE=https://www.rubygem.org/ bundle install
      lein install
      lein with-profile ezbake ezbake stage
      cd target/staging
      rake package:bootstrap
      rake package:tar
      rake package:rpm
      rake package:srpm 

      These instructions were taken from the building puppetdb from source page and assummed to also work for puppetserer.

      There are quite a few errors and comments.

      The Generate rpm .spec file is installing packages from the network in particular when
      it runs:

      java -cp puppet-server-release.jar:jruby-9k.jar clojure.main -m puppetlabs.puppetserver.cli.gem --config jruby.conf -- install --no-ri --no-rdoc semantic_puppet:0.1.3 hocon:1.2.5 text:1.3.1 locale:2.1.2 gettext:3.2.2 fast_gettext:1.1.2 hiera-eyaml:2.1.0

      the result is the .src.rpm can never work since they are meant to include all sources and build without a network.

      rake package:rpm

      fails I expect because something is assuming building as root I expect.

      rake aborted!
      Command failed with status (1): [rpmbuild --define "%_topdir  /tmp/straylen...]
      /afs/cern.ch/user/s/straylen/GIT/puppetserver/target/staging/ext/packaging/tasks/rpm.rake:41:in `build_rpm'

      To be clear here I am not asking for a genuine .src.rpm of source trees. I'm happy with a src.rpm that contains the bundled jar but it would be good to at least be able to do that so I can go from patched product to deploy.

      p.s the default
      source ENV['GEM_SOURCE'] || 'https://artifactory.delivery.puppetlabs.net/artifactory/api/gems/rubygems/'

      is an internal URL of course so I have no way of knowing something has not changed with what is in the released builds. This does not give me a very warm feeling




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