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"Node matches" classification feature can hammer PuppetDB at large scale, causing responsiveness issues



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      I was talking to a PE user, who finds that the automatic PuppetDB queries that occur while typing problematic. Under normal circumstances, with typical numbers of managed systems and low-to-moderate PuppetDB load, the near-realtime responsiveness is useful.

      However, outside of those circumstances, when there are a large number of managed systems (10's of thousands) or PuppetDB is under heavy load, the many PuppetDB queries can cause two problems:

      1. Increased PuppetDB response time for other more essential functions
      2. Significant delays (minutes, even) as these searches stall the console

      For clarity, I have attached a screen shot of the affected interface.

      The Puppet user has tried tricks such as copy/pasting text, rather than typing. This reduces the number of PuppetDB queries from 10's to about 3 or 4, but even this number of PuppetDB queries results in a frustrating console experience.

      Might it be possible to disable the automatic search, perhaps via a console configuration parameter? Alternately, perhaps there could be delay before the searches start, giving a user a few seconds to finish their two copy/paste actions? Finally, perhaps some logic could be added to validate input prior to doing the search? As in if someone is typing a fact name, but no value is present, perhaps a PuppetDB query shouldn't be run?




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