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Verify, reconcile, and document Windows OS version facts



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    • FACT 2.4.6, FACT 3.6.1
    • FACT 3.6.5
    • DOCS
      • All facts are consistent between Facter 2 and 3 and across supported Windows operating systems, except where explicitly documented and agreed upon (if any)
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    • This work will create documentation and other tickets


      In FACT-1492 it was discovered that there were inconsistencies in the Facter OS version facts between Facter 2 and 3 on Windows, and that there were also inconsistencies between how these facts returned on different versions (ie 7 and 10) and classes (ie consumer and server) of Windows. While FACT-1492 addressed the issue at hand, its possible some issues remain.

      This ticket is to:

      • Create an exhaustive list of facts returned across supported Windows operating systems by both Facter 2 and Facter 3 and publish to Confluence
      • Identify facts (if any) that are out of sync on Windows between Facter 2 and 3
      • Identify facts (if any) that are out of sync across supported Windows operating systems
      • Determine the appropriate resolution for any inconsistencies, and address these as a fix in Facter 3 (or possibly 4)
      • If no facts are out of sync and all is well, this ticket is effectively a no-op

      Tentatively added to 'puppet 5.0 changes epic' lacking an immediately available superior alternative.


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