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puppet_agent Module can only upgrade to a version with Master when specifying other versions



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    • Windows 2016, Agent is running 5.5.14

      PE 2018.1.9

      puppet_agent: 4.1.1

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      Basic Info
      Module Version: 4.1.1
      Puppet Version: PE 2018.1.9, Agent is running 5.5.14 for test purpose
      OS Name/Version: Windows 2016

      (1) Apply the module on Windows Node with Specifying a higher version, for example, package_version => `6.17.0` or `5.5.20`.

      Then run `puppet agent -t` on a Windows Node.

      Desired Behavior: It should upgrade to the version specified or failed due to not supporting to a higher version.

      Actual Behavior: Agent is upgraded to 5.5.16, which matches the PE version.

      Bug: Need to know why this happens, and if we are not supporting to upgrade a higher version than PE is using, we should mention that in module document.

      (2) Now agent is unexpected upgraded to 5.5.16, if I specify `5.5.14`, it won't make any changes.

      Desired Behavior: I am expecting to enforce the agent version to a backward supported 5.5.14

      Actual Behavior: Puppet Agent run doesn't make any changes and keeps it at 5.5.16.

      From the above tests, I end up with a situation that my agent is upgraded to 5.5.16 which I never intended to from the test. This gives me a feeling that instead of arbitrary versions, I can only use this module to upgrade the agent version to the one that Master is using. Tested in Windows 2016 node but haven't check others.


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