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      Basic Info
      Module Version: 3.0.1
      Puppet Version: 6.18.0
      OS Name/Version: Windows Server 2012 R2

      We get the following error randomly across our windows nodes in our puppet environment. We have 4 different node types which interface with different custom puppet manifests however all of them seem to have this issue pop up occasionally. We see many more of these errors on a puppetserver restart.


      Could not retrieve catalog from remote server: Error 500 on SERVER: Server Error: Evaluation Error: Error while evaluating a Resource Statement, Could not autoload puppet/type/dsc: Could not autoload puppet/provider/base_dsc_lite/powershell: no such file to load -- ruby-pwsh 

      our current puppetfile looks like this:

      forge 'forge.puppetlabs.com'
      mod 'puppetlabs-reboot', '2.4.0'
      mod 'puppetlabs-chocolatey', '5.1.1'
      mod 'puppetlabs-pwshlib', '0.5.0'
      mod 'puppetlabs-powershell', '4.0.0'
      mod 'puppet-windows_env', '4.0.1'
      mod 'puppetlabs-stdlib', '6.4.0'
      mod 'puppetlabs-registry', '3.1.1'
      mod 'puppetlabs-translate', '2.2.0'
      mod 'puppetlabs-inifile', '4.2.0'
      mod 'noma4i-windows_updates', '0.2.2'
      mod 'puppet-windowsfeature', '3.2.2'
      mod 'puppetlabs-vcsrepo', '3.1.0'
      mod 'puppetlabs-dsc_lite', '3.0.1'
      mod 'puppetlabs-scheduled_task', '2.2.1'
      mod 'puppetlabs-puppet_agent', '4.1.1'

      and in general for all other intensive purposes we have healthy nodes (about 575)


      Desired Behavior:
      The file should always be present

      Actual Behavior:

      We get a server 500 but the previous cache catalogue runs even though there were no recent changes to production. Subsequent catalogues are compiled and run perfectly fine. In my experience I have never found this error occur twice in a row on a node.


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