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Inconsitent ordering claims in documentation


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      The documentation for the firewall module seems to say two different things in regards to ordering.

      First, in the "Beginning with firewall" section, it states:

      "However, be aware of the ordering of your firewall rules. The module will dynamically apply rules in the order they appear in the catalog, meaning a deny rule could be applied before the allow rules."

      But later, in "Usage" section:

      "All rules employ a numbering system in the resource's title that is used for ordering. When titling your rules, make sure you prefix the rule with a number, for example, '000 accept all icmp requests'. 000 runs first, 999 runs last."

      The example my_fw::pre class provided shows ordering both in titles as well as using ordering arrows:

      class my_fw::pre {
        Firewall {
          require => undef,
        # Default firewall rules
        firewall { '000 accept all icmp':
          proto  => 'icmp',
          action => 'accept',
        firewall { '001 accept all to lo interface':
          proto   => 'all',
          iniface => 'lo',
          action  => 'accept',
        firewall { '002 reject local traffic not on loopback interface':
          iniface     => '! lo',
          proto       => 'all',
          destination => '',
          action      => 'reject',
        firewall { '003 accept related established rules':
          proto  => 'all',
          state  => ['RELATED', 'ESTABLISHED'],
          action => 'accept',

      From looking at the code, it appears that it uses the titles, but I think the documentation could definitely use a bit of clearing up.




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