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Resource Pool handling is broken in hierarchies other than "datacenter > cluster > resource_pool"



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      A customer has noted issues with how resource_pools are handled when the hierarchy is something other than "datacenter > cluster > resource_pool".

      From customer:
      While evaluating various technologies to replace our current server cloning/configuration/deployment process I evaluated the Puppet puppetlabs-vsphere module.

      While trying to make it work I encountered a bug in its code around resource_pool handling. I have patched the code so that it now can correctly find/reference the resource_pool in our environment. The patch is attached to this ticket.

      The code as written assumes that the hierarchy goes: datacenter -> cluster -> resource pools. In our environment it looks like: datacenter -> vm folder -> cluster -> resource pools. This patch should allow it to work in both scenarios, though I don't have any easy way of testing the former.

      I haven't polished the code up or written spec tests, which I might have done if there was a Git repository available to me, but I figured I'd share the work in the event you wanted to incorporate it into future releases.

      However, we are not going to pursue our replacement cloning process using this module. The design is nice, but it is missing far too many features for it to be usable by us (we need to be able to set target datastore, add additional controllers/disks, add NICs, set VLANs, etc.)


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