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scheduled_task : SPIKE technical direction of v2 scheduled_task type and provider



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      Determine how changes will proceed against the type / provider / adapter currently implemented in the module.

      Determine how changes will proceed against the type / provider / adapter currently implemented in the module.
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      With the new scheduled_task module release, there is feature parity with the v1 task interface using a new provider that builds on v2 APIs.

      Due to the current design of v1 type -> v2 provider -> v2 to v1 adapter, there is still a tight coupling to v1 tasks and the v1 interface. To make changes to support additional triggers requires either:

      • Another provider for v2 tasks, which likely requires a new v2 type as well (introducing a number of additional moving parts), given a single provider cannot service multiple types


      • Extending the existing v1 type to provide at minimum a new property for the task compatibility level (which for backwards compatibility must default to 1.0 compat), allowing the new provider to be used. This would also involve either changing the name / intent of the v2 to v1 adapter such that it can service the new v2 additions to the scheduled_task type OR introduction of a new helper to provide v2 functionality. It will be necessary to verify the mechanics of overriding / extending an existing type that is already in the Puppet package.

      There may be additional variants on these options. At this point it seems like the ideal situation, if technically feasible, is to make additive changes to the existing type, and use the new provider code to support said changes.

      The purpose of this ticket is to identify the direction / design of the code going forward, so that work can proceed on implementing additional task triggers. This ticket is related to MODULES-6416


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