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reboot : pdk convert the module



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      This ticket tracks the work to PDK convert the module

      Ref Doc: https://confluence.puppetlabs.com/display/systemsEngineering/Converting+Modules+Using+PDK

      How to Convert - A Manual Guide.
      To convert your module you must follow these steps. Remember this is only a partially automated process, and to fully complete a successful convert manual intervention will likely be needed:

      1. Ensure the module is as ‘clean’ as you can make it. This includes Triage of both PR’s and Tickets associated with the module and ensuring all tests are running green (check Jenkins) before converting. If required - do a release.

      2. Run both ‘pdk validate’ and ‘pdk test unit’ against the module - They should both run green before you continue any further.

      3. Overwrite the .sync.yml in the module (or create one) using this. (Remember to keep a copy of the old one if required.)

      4. Run the ‘pdk convert’ command against the module - accept the changes.

      5. Re-run both ‘pdk validate’ and ‘pdk test unit’ against the module - Changes to the module may be needed to get this to pass as the convert will have possibly introduced extra validation.

      6. Ensure acceptance tests run green - ‘bundle exec rspec spec/acceptance’ - Use an Ad Hoc pipeline in Jenkins to validate your work.

      7. Once all tests and validation are passing - Create a PR against the module with your convert changes - Set someone in modules as the reviewer.

      8. Once the convert PR is merged in, immediately create a PR like this to remove the module from modulesync configs. Get this merged as soon as you can as the convert on the module may cause travis to break on modulesync.

      9. Do a Y release on the module! Link the release ticket to this one.




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