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Puppet Collections: Please provide actual change logs in your packages.



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      The RPM spec file format has a nice place to include a changelog. In the PC1 packages, the change log for each version just says "Build for <version>". This is singularly unhelpful.

      It would be nice if the change log indicated what changed. Perhaps as minimal as what versions are installed, if not the list of actual changes involved in those new versions.

      More importantly, the change log should be complete and historic. The latest verison 1.3.2-1 change log should include the change log from 1.3.1-1, which in turn should include the change log since 1.3.0-1, etc. The only time the change log should be reset is for major version changes (1.x to 2.x). This is standard best practice for RPMs. Take a look at the change log for the apache httpd packages as an example of what a complete change log should look like.

      If your change log were implemented in this way, I could look at the latest version 1.3.2-1 puppet-agent package, check it's changelog, and see what changes, or at least what version updates, have occurred since the version 1.2.4-1 that I have installed, to be able to intelligently determine if I want to upgrade or not.

      As far as I can tell, you don't publish a change log for the AIO packages anywhere. If you did, then even a changelog entry that says "See change log at <URL>" would work. As it stands, there is no way I can see what changes have been made.




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