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      • NSSM 2.2.5 is part of puppet-agent
      • There are no regressions in the management of pxp-agent (green runs through CI)
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      For LTS agent 1.10.7 and beyond, to support DEP / ASLR, the MSVC++ compiler toolchain was introduced to be able to build NSSM (for use with pxp-agent) with the appropriate flags enabled.

      Because there were a number of fixes, including a critical fix for Windows 10, we initially tried to build off of the latest code at (+ some changes to support vcxproj files / latest MSVC++ 15 compiler). Unfortunately it was quickly discovered (see PA-1461) that there were some behavioral changes impacting tests.

      Given there has been 2 years of additional code changes from the last NSSM 2.2.4 release in 2014 (, it was decided to roll back to that version that we've been shipping, and to do only the minimum necessary to ensure it compiles under MSVC15.

      There are a number of fixes in the code since the 2.2.4 release, most notably a critical bug fix made recently for Windows 10. It is ultimately desirable to switch to the latest code, as long as we can prevent any regressions. To that end, the author of the NSSM project (Iain Patterson <>) has been sent a minimal bug report disclosing the issue that was encountered. It may be necessary to perform further verification / submit upstream patches to NSSM from our fork.


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