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Allow hard gem dependencies to be added to puppet/puppet-agent without breaking puppetserver



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    • puppet-agent 5.5.0
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    • Unblock puppet-agent gem dependencies
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    • Packaging changes allow puppetserver to load pure ruby gems from puppet-agent's /opt/puppetlabs/puppet/lib/ruby/vendor_gems directory.
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      JRuby cannot load gems with native extensions. To avoid that issue, puppetserver maintains a set of gems separate from puppet-agent. However, this means if puppet-agent (or puppet) adds a hard dependency on a gem like semantic_puppet or multi_json then the puppet-agent package will be incompatible with puppetserver. Since we don't have packaging constraints to prevent newer puppet-agent packages to be installed with older puppetserver, we haven't been able to move forward with unvendoring semantic_puppet or adding a dependency with multi_json. This is also an issue for moving non-core types and providers, as puppetserver needs access to the types for compilation.

      We need to figure out a way that we can add and remove hard gem dependencies to puppet (or other puppet-agent components) without breaking puppetserver.

      One approach we've discussed is to have puppet-agent package pure ruby gems into a specific directory, that both puppet-agent and puppetserver can load from.

      Another approach is for puppetserver to vendor the puppet ruby code (as a library) and to install its transitive dependencies.


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