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Remove Ubuntu 14.04 from the puppet-runtime repository


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      Remove Ubuntu 14.04’s platform.rb file in configs/platforms, and any special casing required for that specific platform. The latter may include, but is not limited to, any platform-specific files in the resources directory (e.g., patches, scripts), and specific casing in the .rb files found in the configs/components and configs/projects directories.


      The puppet-runtime repository builds vendored (third-party) components such as ruby, curl, openssl for other vanagon repositories such as the puppet-agent, bolt, and pdk. Each buildable project in puppet-runtime (in the configs/projects directory) should specify the specific vendored components that the corresponding vanagon repo will need to build its own projects. For example, agent-runtime-master lists all of the components required for the agent repository’s master branch to build its projects; bolt-runtime lists the components required to build bolt in the bolt-vanagon repository’s master branch, etc. When built, every project in puppet-runtime publishes a TAR of the built vendored components for that specific platform.

      puppet-runtime gives us a way to keep vendored components out of our other vanagon repositories so that they can instead focus on building the internal Puppet components required by a specific project. Otherwise we would have to rebuild vendored components each time we build a project, which is very time consuming and unnecessary since vendored components are not updated nearly as often as the internal Puppet components.


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