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Remove [Puppet7]Debian 8 from the puppet-agent pipelines



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      The puppet-agent pipelines are defined in jenkii/jenkins-master-prod-1/projects/puppet-agent.yaml of the ci-job-configs repo. You will need to remove the platform as both a build and test target from the relevant suite targets. The maintenance branches and master branch of the puppet-agent repository each have their own suite targets. For example, the suite targets for the master branch are currently declared here.


      The puppet-agent pipelines test the puppet-agent and each of its components across all maintenance branches and the master branch (i.e., the “relevant” branches) of the puppet-agent repository on all supported platforms. Each “relevant” branch of the agent repository has its own “Suite” pipeline that polls GitHub daily to see if any changes have landed to itself, or one of its component repositories (e.g., facter, pxp-agent). If yes, the pipeline is triggered.

      At a high-level, each “Suite” pipeline does the following steps:

      • Build the package from the branch head of the agent repository
      • Run the acceptance tests of the agent repository and a subset of its component repositories using the built agent package
      • Create a PE build that contains the built agent package and use that to run a subset of tests in pe_acceptance_tests on a subset of platforms. This gives a good set of smoke tests to ensure that our built agent integrates well with PE (e.g., that it can be installed with puppetlabs-pe_repo).
      • Run the acceptance tests of some common Puppet modules using our built agent to ensure that they still work with it.
      • Promote the built agent package to the corresponding PE version

      For more more details, please refer to this doc.


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