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Add a module smoke test to the Puppet Agent pipeline



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      • One new stage in a puppet-agent CI pipeline, providing useful CI signal from 'puppet apply' style testing of at least one module.
      • Measure duration and success rate impact to pipeline.
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    • AP 2016-12-14, AP 2017-01-11, Agent 2017-03-22
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      This ticket is to add a test or set of tests of a Module to the Puppet Agent CI pipeline. Our modules tend to exercise the puppet code base in ways that our acceptance tests don't (yet) or at least they tend to surface regressions.

      In Scope

      • Add a test / stage to the puppet agent CI pipeline

      Open Questions

      • Which PA branch - stable? master? both?
      • How many / which tests to run?
      • Which module to use? (test against released modules)

      Similar to the work done in PA-477 the following identified modules need to be added.

      Recommended modules to add from FM-5640
      concat: cross-platform module rummaging in puppet's guts
      ntp: simple linux-only go-to module for all testing purposes
      apache: complex linux-only go-to module for all testing purposes
      stdlib: cross-platform high-use module
      acl: frequently used and fairly comprehensive Windows module

      Work To Do:


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