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Create a jenkins job to tag components of puppet-agent



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      • there is an automated process that can tag puppet-agent and its components (using annotated tags)
      • This job also bumps the versions to match the tags automatically
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      Create the ability to tag components of puppet-agent using jenkins, and add a Jenkins job to the initial step of the agent package validation pipeline. The job will receive entries of <component>:<tag> and do the following for each entry:

      1. Find the component's sha to tag by checking the <component>.json file. If the sha is of the form refs/tags/<previous_tag>, then the job should fail.
      2. Tag the component with the given <tag> at the <sha> found in (1) with the message "<tag>". If the reference for the tag already exists (of the form "refs/tags/<tag>"), then the job should pass through.
      3. Check the <component>.json file in the puppet-agent repo. If its "ref" entry does not match the tag reference, then it should update it.
      4. Verify that the reported version of the component matches the tag we want to apply and if it does not, then fail the job.
      5. Calculate the prefix_COMPONENT_COMMIT and prefix_COMPONENT_URL entries that the original, "init" job used to do.
      6. Generate an artifact of the puppet-agent repo to pass along for the remaining part of the pipeline.

      This work will require some modification of the old "init" job. Specifically, component specific calculations will need to be removed. This job is expected to reduce manual effort in the "Tag the components" steps of the puppet-agent release process - e.g. PA-1214.


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