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Help with move to VMPooler



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      Investigate the value of moving our acceptance tests to vmpooler. This is actually a clone of PDB-7, which we closed earlier due to the instability of vsphere at the time.

      In the past we have been reluctant due to capacity issues with vsphere versus EC2 (which has none), we'd need to determine the potential capacity we would require before even considering this I presume and make sure we don't just introduce a problem to the VM cluster by bringing over our tests. For example in the past the platform team has been asked to reduce cell testing, we wouldn't want to put ourselves in this situation if we can avoid it, as it puts us in a worse place than today. Discussions with Ops/Qeng would be required to estimate this, and ensure the proper hardware is in place before commencing. Since we have some very large cell tests, this is important.

      Also stability has been a concern with that solution over the years, but I believe to some extent this has been improved over time. That is, I don't think its as much of an issue as it was, but we should discuss with the other larger teams (like the puppet core teams) to understand this.

      The images would differ slightly also (especially older images), so I'm guessing changes to the acceptance test setup routines would need to be made potentially, but testing would surface this.

      The pipelines would need changing to cater for this change, plus the acceptance tests today have a lot of S3 repository assumptions, as opposed to obtaining packages from the build system directly, so that would need to change. In particular for the pipeline the S3 stuff would need to go.

      This is more effort than it seems on the surface I believe, so I'm putting in a high # of story points to make it clear this is potentially non-trivial.


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