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Purging resources that were exported resources sometimes fails


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      I'm seeing an issue where sometimes I have an exported resource that is failing to be removed from the node that is collecting them after the node has been cleaned up by running a "puppet node clean <hostname>" on the puppetmaster. For example, I'm exporting both nagios_host and nagios_service resources from my nodes and collecting them on my nagios server. On the nagios server, I've set up resources of these types to be purged:

      resources { ['nagios_service', 'nagios_host']:
        purge  => true,
        notify => Service['nagios'],

      If I purge a node on the puppetmaster:

      puppet node clean node.example.com

      On the next puppet run on the nagios server, I might get the following error message:

      warning: /Nagios_service[node.example.com SSH]: Whit[Completed_stage[post]],Whit[Admissible_stage[post]],Whit[Admissible_stage[puppetcomplete]],Whit[Completed_stage[puppetcomplete]],
      Whit[Completed_stage[main]],Whit[Completed_class[Nagios]],Service[nagios] still depend on me -- not purging

      This doesn't happen all of the time, nor does it happen for all of the nagios_service resources for this node (other nagios_service resources get cleaned up just fine). I've seen this with both the nagios_host and the nagios_service type of resources. It will continue to occur for the same resource on any subsequent run of puppet on the nagios server. To remedy this, I have to manually remove the resource it is complaining about from the nagios configuration and restart the service (something I would like to avoid).

      Not sure if it matters or not, but I'm using PuppetDB as the stored configurations backend.




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