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change all varchar columns to text



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    • PDB 5.1.0
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    • Data Platform
    • Data Platform 2017-08-09, Data Platform 2017-08-23
    • Bug Fix
    • Some text fields in puppetdb (notably report.config_version) had artificial size limits applied to them in the database schema. These limits have been removed.
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      A user in Slack was having issues processing reports due to the config_version field containing values that exceeded the size of a varchar 255. It turned out that their report configuration_version was longer than 255 characters because it included git messages and links, which they were rendering in puppetboard as clickable commit messages back to github.

      I don't see a reason for the character limit and the usecase seems interesting - we should just drop it.

      We should do the same for containing_class, since we already use text for resource titles and these can get long as well. I think with puppet_version we're probably safe for now.

      Edit: Really we should consider whether we need varchars for anything at this point. None of our varchar columns are enforcing any kind of correctness rules and postgres won't make a distinction from a storage space perspective as far as I know. file paths are also limited in PDB to 1024 characters, which is not technically sound either.




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