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      The audience for this article keeps rotating around as though I am many people - am I new to puppet, am I an experienced puppet practitioner? Fact is I am very new to puppet, and this article has me pulling my hair out trying to understand all the various pieces, techniques, strategies for solving this singular problem - even as a functional devops engineer I am having a difficult time following the flow of this page.  It's like flipping through a Choose Your Own Adventure book, back to the top, retracing my way back down, remembering in my own head what I've already read on the page and trying the next thing. I really want to participate but it's expensive for me to keep all of this loaded in my head - that's the job of the page. I should just be keeping where I am at the top of the browser and scrolling along with.  I've made it to the bottom several times and I feel like this article has evolved like DNA, over many small rewrites, multiple authors, and no one really re-reading the entire article top to bottom to ask the Big Question, 'is this article actually contributing to the problem of how do our users connect puppet agents to puppetdb".  I had to actually verify that was the page I was on before I complained about it, because there isnt even a reference to puppetdb in the url.  Thanks for listening.  I know it's easy to hate on the reader, because this article will make perfect sense to you guys but remember the value of someone who doesnt have the domain knowledge loaded.





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