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Storing historical facts and catalogs



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      • As a sys admin I want the ability to do comparisons between the current failed state and the most recent green state of my resource. So that I can see what has changed and identify the offending code associated to the failure.
      • As a sys admin I need to pull a report for my auditor who is requesting the state and associated actions from a failed resource event 6 months prior. So that I can trace how the resource fell out of the expected state, code that caused this, and the code that put the resource back in the expected state, and the expected state for that point in time.
      • As a sys admin I want the ability to view aggregated data from all my environments. I want the ability to segregate out views for an admin, or specific data slices for an auditor over time. So that I can have a comprehensive view of my entire puppetized infrastructure.
      • As a sys admin, I was to see if a node went from managed to unmanaged, when and the code that caused this to happen. This will allow me to identify if there are issues with some of my deployed code.
      • placeholder for addressing containers and how we might add report ability via the various graphs, preview compile, and those yet to be identified.


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