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Investigate factsets getting repeatedly pulled in sync with benchmark data



      • Create an isolated reproduction case that shows how sync got mismatched hashes for the same factset
      • Create a ticket for any follow on work to address the issues found during this investigation
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    • Fixed an issue causing unecessary factset sync
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      Testing sync's memory usage with the new non-lazy approach I noticed that factsets were being repeatedly pulled on every sync run. Austin was able to reproduce this behavior on his machine using the following steps:

      • set up a local sync pair using pe-pdbbox and Austin's helper pdb script (sync-1 & sync-2)
      • stop sync-2
      • load benchmark data into sync-1
      • restart sync-2

      Once initial sync runs we observed that periodic sync would continue to pull factsets in both directions. sync-1 would pull ~20 factsets out of 2,000 where sync-2 would pull ~1,000 out of 2,000. We saw similar behavior once before at a customer's site, but in that case it was only transferring a handful of factsets and the issue appeared to resolve itself after a while in the logs.

      I'm wondering if this can be caused if a factset is first ingested via sync and not from the normal command ingestion path. That could help explain why we saw a similar issue at a customer that looked like got resolved after a bit of time.

      Example of what we saw in the debug logs for sync when it was repeatedly pulling factsets:

      2021-02-05 16:02:29,948 DEBUG [clojure-agent-send-off-pool-0] [p.p.s.core] Identified remote factset (host-1574 2021-02-06T00:00:05.374Z a657a432359dcd750c7df412d51a67570e9190a4) to sync due to local factset (host-1574 2021-02-06T00:00:05.374Z 23d9f61d312f3b72b46bf6a7974f8698ac9f9abd)

       You can see in the example above that the hash used to compare the contents of factsets in the sync summary query didn't line up which caused the sync-2 side to repeatedly pull the factsets.

      We should investigate this issue and figure out how exactly can happen and see if there is a way to mitigate it in pe-puppetdb sync.




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