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pdk-templates confusing behavior for moduleroot_init directory



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    • pdk - 1.9.0

      Mac OSX High Sierra

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      In the README file for the pdk-templates git repository tagged 1.9.0 there is this description about the `moduleroot_init` directory

      moduleroot_init templates get only deployed when the target file does not yet exist; use them to provide skeletons for files the developer needs to modify heavily.

      I take that to mean they will get deployed when the command is `pdk new` because nothing exists. It also seems to imply they would get deployed on `pdk convert` or `pdk update`. However, that does seem to be how `pdk` 1.9.0 is working.

      Here's what I did. `pdk new clean_mod` to get a new module. Delete the files `CHANGELOG.md` and `Gemfile`. And then `pdk update`. The `Gemfile` will come back, but the `CHANGELOG.md` file will not. But, based on the description of the `moduleroot_init` directory I would expect the `CHANGELOG.md` file to be added back.

      Is the `README` documentation wrong? Or is it a bug in `pdk`? Or am I just missing something?pdk

      It would be really helpful if the documentation was correct. We have a number of modules we've written. Now I want to convert to using PDK and implement automated testing using our company's CI/CD system based on Jenkins. All that is required is to add several files to the module repository and we get zero-config CI.




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