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Failing to create a new module with flawed answers file


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      On OSX High sierra.
      Upgrading from a previous version to the latest pdk --version 1.3.1

      I was unable to create a module. I recieved the following output

      ➜  git pdk new module puppetlabs-cisco_ios
      pdk (INFO): Creating new module: puppetlabs-cisco_ios
      We need to create a metadata.json file for this module, so we're going to ask you 9 questions.
      If the question is not applicable to this module, accept the default option shown after each question. You can modify any answers at any time by manually updating the metadata.json file.
      [Q 1/9] If you have a Puppet Forge username, add it here.
      We can use this to upload your module to the Forge when it's complete.
      --> puppetlabs
      [Q 2/9] What version is this module?
      Puppet uses Semantic Versioning (semver.org) to version modules.
      --> 0.1.0
      [Q 3/9] Who wrote this module?
      This is used to credit the module's author.
      --> puppet
      [Q 4/9] What license does this module code fall under?
      This should be an identifier from https://spdx.org/licenses/. Common values are "Apache-2.0", "MIT", or "proprietary".
      --> Apache-2.0
      [Q 5/9] What operating systems does this module support?
      Use the up and down keys to move between the choices, space to select and enter to continue.
      --> RedHat based Linux, Debian based Linux, Windows
      [Q 6/9] Summarize the purpose of this module in a single sentence.
      This helps other Puppet users understand what the module does.
      --> Great Stuff
      [Q 7/9] If there is a source code repository for this module, enter the URL here.
      Skip this if no repository exists yet. You can update this later in the metadata.json.
      [Q 8/9] If there is a URL where others can learn more about this module, enter it here.
      Optional. You can update this later in the metadata.json.
      [Q 9/9] If there is a public issue tracker for this module, enter its URL here.
      Optional. You can update this later in the metadata.json.
      Metadata will be generated based on this information, continue? Yes
      pdk (ERROR):
      pdk (ERROR): Cloning into '/var/folders/jp/c0flr1gd593fm2jsn3_9x9_00000gn/T/pdk-templates20180102-6364-1xy5mlx'...
      fatal: '/opt/puppetlabs/pdk/share/cache/pdk-module-template.git' does not appear to be a git repository
      fatal: Could not read from remote repository.
      Please make sure you have the correct access rights
      and the repository exists.
      pdk (FATAL): Unable to clone git repository 'file:///opt/puppetlabs/pdk/share/cache/pdk-module-template.git' to '/var/folders/jp/c0flr1gd593fm2jsn3_9x9_00000gn/T/pdk-templates20180102-6364-1xy5mlx'.

      Attached is the failing answer file. Many thanks to David Schmitt


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