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Add windows-beaker incompatibility to known issues



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      • The beaker incompatibility should be documented
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      Currently the PDK cannot be used on Windows with modules that use beaker (e.g. Stdlib, PowerShell, DSC etc.)

      This is not mentioned in the known issues and is a fairly large blocker for anyone on the Windows platform that wants to contribute to modules that use beaker.


      Description of Problem

      You may not be able to use PDK on a module if the module's Gemfile requires the "beaker" acceptance testing library or certain other Ruby gems, particularly when running on Windows.

      The PDK packages do not currently contain the infrastructure necessary to install Ruby gems that include "native extensions", pieces of source code that need to be compiled before they can be used by a Ruby application. Beaker has several dependencies that include these native extensions.

      When you invoke "pdk validate" or "pdk test unit" on a module, PDK attempts to ensure that all of the module's dependencies (which are declared in the Gemfile) are present prior to running validations or tests. If "beaker" (or any other gem with native extensions) are missing, PDK will attempt to install them. On some platforms, this may incidentally succeed if you happen to have the necessary compilation tools and libraries already installed, however on Windows the PDK managed Ruby installations are not configured to support native extension compilation, even if the necessary tools are present.


      If you encounter this issue on a non-Windows platform, you may be able to resolve it by researching and installing the required dependencies for the gem that is failing to install.

      If you encounter this issue on a Windows platform, the only current solution is to remove or comment out the Gemfile dependencies that include (or themselves have dependencies that inclue) native extensions before running PDK commands.



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