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Observe server_list for CA requests



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    • PUP 6.11.0
    • PUP 6.12.0
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    • Platform Core KANBAN
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    • Bug Fix
    • The ca service now observes the ServerList resolver when attempting to resolve routes. Previously we were only using SRV Records or the server/ca_server setting to find this information.
    • Needs Assessment


      puppet does not observe the server_list setting when making CA requests. This is a regression introduced in https://tickets.puppetlabs.com/browse/PUP-10040 as it wasn't apparent that Puppet::Rest::Routes called Puppet::Util::Connection.determine_server to set the @default_server.

      We need to enable the server_list resolver such that:

      1. If we successfully resolved the CA server/port once in a session, then we should always reuse that same server/port
      2. Next if SRV records are enabled, we should try to connect to each entry. If that fails, fallback to #3
      3. Next if server_list is set and ca_server is not set explicitly (so inherits server), we should try each server/port combo. If the list is exhausted, raise an error.
      4. Next fallback to ca_server setting which defaults to server. If that fails, fallback to #5
      5. Raise no more routes to try

      Note we are preserving the old behavior of "if the server list is exhausted, raise an error" instead of falling back to settings.




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