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Add SemVerRange support to yum package provider



    • Enhancement
    • Add support of >, >=, <, <=, >=A <=B ranges for package version specified in :ensure for yum provider.
    • Needs Assessment


      Implement Version Range type support for the yum provider.

      Sample manifest with a range passed for a package:

      package { 'puppet-agent':
        ensure => '>= 6.5'
      package { 'puppet-agent':
        ensure => '< 6.4'
      package { 'puppet-agent':
        ensure => '>6.4 <=7'

      The yum provider does not support a version range passed in the install command, so we have to:

      • find out the available versions for a specific package (usually with yum list --showduplicates)
      • install the most recent package which respects the range.

      We should also make sure we don't take additional actions if the range is already satisfied (i.e. puppet apply with a SemVerRange should be idempotent)

      Sample code on how the ensure property can be treated inside the provider:

      if @resource.should(:ensure).is_a?(SemanticPuppet::VersionRange)
        # these should be sorted in descending order
        _, *versions = `yum list -d 0 -e 1 --showduplicates #{@resource.name} | awk '{print $2}'`.split
        range = @resource.should(:ensure)
        available.versions.any? { |version| range.include?(version.to_stable) }

      Example yum install with a specific version (package name and version are joined by a dash):

      yum install puppet-agent-6.0.4-1.el7



      Limitations of Version Ranges: YUM provider is using RPM to compare package versions and no epoch is considered `zero` epoch. As a consequence to this we need to specify also the epoch if we don't want the default behaviour

      For example:

      • >1 <2 will search in (0:1, 0:2) interval
      • >1 <1:2 will search in (0:1, 1:2) interval, eligible versions will be searched in bot 0 and 1 epoch
      • >1 will consider any version form epoch 0, greater that 1 and any version with epoch > 0




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