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Refresh cached Puppet CA on Puppet client



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      The Puppet client does never fail, because of expired local cached CA File, if the CA used by the configured `ca_server` was renewed before expiration.

      The Puppet client does never fail, because of expired local cached CA File, if the CA used by the configured `ca_server` was renewed before expiration.
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      Puppet Version: all
      Puppet Server Version: irrelevant
      OS Name/Version: irrelevant

      Currently the Puppet agent/client does cache the Puppet CA file it first received forever. When this CA expires and get renewed on the configured `ca_server` or Puppetserver the cache still does not get updated with the new CA.

      #puppet slack channel discussion: https://puppetcommunity.slack.com/messages/C0W298S9G/p1597402361432800

      Desired Behavior:

      • add sane defaults that would recheck if the cached local CA does differ from the one used by the configured `ca_server` (e.g. 1 week or 2 weeks before CA expiration date)
      • add Puppet client config settings to specify intervals for this CA check
      • if the local cached CA file is expired check if the configured `ca_server` uses a different one and replace the local  cached CA file

      Actual Behavior:

      Currently the client does use the cached CA file forever even when the CA file has expired or the used CA file of the configured `ca_server` or Puppetserver was renewed.

      This results in completely failed Puppet runs, which will never recover without external/manual intervention (removing the expired locally cached CA file)


      • Create new puppet setting ca_refresh_interval, similar to crl_refresh_interval. It should by default. TBD the default setting
      • The agent should use the If-Modified-Since HTTP header so that it only downloads the CA if it's been modified on the server.
      • If the CA bundle is not updated, it should continue using its local CA.
      • If the CA bundle is updated, the agent should use the new CA bundle for all future HTTPS connections.
      • If the CA bundle is updated, then we must update the CRL, as there may be a new intermediate CA and we need a corresponding CRL to verify the full chain.
      • What should the behavior be if the local CA cert is expired? Fail like we do now or always attempt to download a new CA bundle (even if the next update time hasn't occurred yet).
      • Need to understand what happens if the CRL nextUpdate time expires. Do agent runs fail?
      • Need unit tests for Puppet::SSL::StateMachine similar to what's done in spec/unit/ssl/state_machine_spec.rb for CRL refreshing.


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