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pkg provider cannot unhold and update package in the same run



    • Bug
    • Status: Resolved
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    • Resolution: Fixed
    • PUP 7.0.0, PUP 5.5.19, PUP 6.13.0
    • PUP 6.25.0, PUP 7.10.0
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    • NW - 2021-07-14, NW - 2021-07-28
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    • Bug Fix
    • Before this fix, the `pkg` package provider was unable to handle manifests where a package was updated and marked as unhold at the same time. This fix ensures the package is first unhold and then updated when trying to install certain versions.
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      Puppet Version: starting with 5.5.19, 6.13.0 and 7.0.0
      Puppet Server Version: n/a
      OS Name/Version: Solaris 11

      Describe your issue in as much detail as possible…

      After the addition of the mark property, a package cannot pe unheld and updated in the same run.

      Describe steps to reproduce…

      Assuming mypkg is installed with version 0.0.2, and held/frozen, apply the following manifest:

      package {mypkg : ensure=>"0.0.3", mark=>"none", provider=>"pkg"}

      Desired Behavior:

      The package is unheld/unfrozen, and updated to 0.0.3

      Actual Behavior:

      Puppet attempts to update the package first, which results in:

      Debug: Executing: '/usr/bin/pkg update -n mypkg@0.0.3,5.11:20210309T130735Z'
      Error: No version of mypkg matching 0.0.3 is installable, even though the package is currently installed
      Error: /Stage[main]/Main/Package[mypkg]/ensure: change from '0.0.2,5.11:20210309T130605Z' to '0.0.3' failed: No version of mypkg matching 0.0.3 is installable, even though the package is currently installed

      Attempting to manually run pkg update gives:

      Creating Plan (Solver setup): \
      pkg update: No matching version of mypkg can be installed:
        Reject:  pkg://tstpub.lan/mypkg@0.0.3,5.11:20210309T130735Z
        Reason:  This version is excluded by a freeze on mypkg at version 0.0.2,5.11:20210309T130605Z.




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