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Puppet ssh_authorized_keys fails on one account if key with same name exists in another account


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      I have been trying to debug this very strange error:

      err: /Stage[main]/Accounts::Human::Sshkeys/Ssh_authorized_key[jgoerzen@wile]: Could not evaluate: No such file or directory - /home/jgoerzen/.ssh/authorized_keys

      I observed that it went away if I changed the name "jgoerzen@wile" to "jgoerzen@wile2" in my Puppet .pp files.

      This is a "virtual" resource (defined with an @) that is, of course, realized. This bug is a bit finicky and sometimes doesn't present itself; it seems to be less likely to present itself if used without being virtual.

      I completely rebuilt the Puppet client node multiple times trying to track this down. Here's what seems to be the cause:

      • Puppet is creating the jgoerzen user directly, and ssh_authorized_keys is creating the single entry jgoerzen@wile for that account.
      • Puppet also manages root's authorized_keys file. Puppet has been configured to add two entries to it, unrelated to jgoerzen@wile.
      • Before installing Puppet, /root/.ssh/authorized_keys already contained an entry for jgoerzen@wile. Puppet contained no instructions for what to do with this entry and left it in root's authorized_keys file.
      • This appears to have caused a great deal of confusion. If I rename this entry in root's authorized_keys file (again, outside Puppet, since Puppet wasn't putting it there), then jgoerzen's authorized_keys file is created as appropriate.

      I could make the error go away by manually creating ~jgoerzen/.ssh and ~jgoerzen/.ssh/authorized_keys, but even if I did that, Puppet still wasn't putting the key in it.




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