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incorrect error message "You need rubygems to use Hiera"



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    • PUP 3.4.2
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    • Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.5, Puppet Labs package for puppet 3.4.2 and puppet-server 3.4.2, along with dependencies from Puppet Labs' yum repo.

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      I've attempted to follow the documentation here:


      to test promoting one of our existing puppet 2.7.14 client systems to be a (test) 3.4.2 puppet master. I've also tried not promoting the client, and instead just installing 3.4.2 from scratch. Both attempted installation methods result in the same error.

      I start the server using the arguments recommended in the upgrade document:

      $ sudo puppet master --no-daemonize --verbose
      Notice: Starting Puppet master version 3.4.2

      When I connect with a client system, the client gets the message:

      Error: Could not retrieve catalog from remote server: Error 400 on SERVER: You need rubygems to use Hiera at /etc/puppet/manifests/users.pp:243 on node rh6client.example.com
      Warning: Not using cache on failed catalog
      Error: Could not retrieve catalog; skipping run

      Meanwhile, the server console has output:

      Info: access[^/catalog/([^/]+)$]: allowing 'method' find
      Info: access[^/catalog/([^/]+)$]: allowing $1 access
      Info: access[^/node/([^/]+)$]: allowing 'method' find
      Info: access[^/node/([^/]+)$]: allowing $1 access
      Info: access[/certificate_revocation_list/ca]: allowing 'method' find
      Info: access[/certificate_revocation_list/ca]: allowing * access
      Info: access[^/report/([^/]+)$]: allowing 'method' save
      Info: access[^/report/([^/]+)$]: allowing $1 access
      Info: access[^/file_(metadata|content)/secure/]: adding authentication yes
      Info: access[^/file_(metadata|content)/secure/]: allowing IP access
      Info: access[/file]: allowing * access
      Info: access[/facts]: adding authentication any
      Info: access[/facts]: allowing 'method' find
      Info: access[/facts]: allowing 'method' search
      Info: access[/facts]: allowing config-tmp.example.com access
      Info: access[/facts]: allowing config.example.com access
      Info: access[/certificate/ca]: adding authentication any
      Info: access[/certificate/ca]: allowing 'method' find
      Info: access[/certificate/ca]: allowing * access
      Info: access[/certificate/]: adding authentication any
      Info: access[/certificate/]: allowing 'method' find
      Info: access[/certificate/]: allowing * access
      Info: access[/certificate_request]: adding authentication any
      Info: access[/certificate_request]: allowing 'method' find
      Info: access[/certificate_request]: allowing 'method' save
      Info: access[/certificate_request]: allowing * access
      Info: access[/]: adding authentication any
      Info: Inserting default '/status' (auth true) ACL
      Info: Caching node for rh6client.example.com
      Info: Caching node for rh6client.example.com
      Warning: Puppet.features.rubygems? is deprecated. Require rubygems in your application's entry point if you need it.
         (at /usr/lib/ruby/site_ruby/1.8/puppet/util/feature.rb:17:in `add')
      Error: You need rubygems to use Hiera at /etc/puppet/manifests/users.pp:243 on node rh6client.example.com
      Error: You need rubygems to use Hiera at /etc/puppet/manifests/users.pp:243 on node rh6client.example.com
      Error: You need rubygems to use Hiera at /etc/puppet/manifests/users.pp:243 on node rh6client.example.com

      The manifest in question has this near line 243:

      @user { 'ncsprime':
          home       => '/var/netflow/ncsprime',
          gid        => 'ncsprime',
          comment    => 'Cisco NCS Prime backup file owner',
          membership => inclusive,
          uid        => '709844',
          password   => hiera('ncsprime_password', '!!'),

      Note that the server DOES have rubygems installed; it was pulled in as part of the dependencies for the Puppet Labs puppet 3.4.2 RPM, along with Red Hat's ruby, ruby-irb, Puppet Labs's facter and several ruby dependencies from the Puppet Labs dependencies repo.

      No part of puppet was installed "by hand" or from gems – everything I installed came from packages.

      $ rpm -q --queryformat '%{name}-%{version}-%{release}.%{arch}:%{vendor}\n' puppet puppet-server hiera facter ruby ruby-irb rubygems
      puppet-3.4.2-1.el6.noarch:Puppet Labs
      puppet-server-3.4.2-1.el6.noarch:Puppet Labs
      hiera-1.3.0-1.el6.noarch:Puppet Labs
      facter-1.7.4-1.el6.x86_64:Puppet Labs
      ruby- Hat, Inc.
      ruby-irb- Hat, Inc.
      rubygems-1.3.7-5.el6.noarch:Red Hat, Inc.

      I've been trying to get around this error for several days, without any luck. Whatever the problem actually is, it's not that rubygems is missing.




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