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Pluginsync will download every file every time if digest_algorithms do not agree



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      Due to PUP-1840, if agent and master do not agree on digest_algorithm, e.g. agent is using md5, server is using sha256, then the agent pluginsync will make a file_metadatas request with the client's checksum_type:

      Debug: connecting to https://puppetmaster.solar.lan:8140/production/file_metadatas/plugins?links=manage&recurse=true&ignore=.svn&ignore=CVS&ignore=.git&checksum_type=md5

      The file serving code ignores the requested checksum_type, and instead uses the checksum as specified in digest_algorithm. Note sha256 in the JSON response:

      $ curl -k --cert ~/.puppet/ssl/certs/arcturus.corp.puppetlabs.net.pem --key ~/.puppet/ssl/private_keys/arcturus.corp.puppetlabs.net.pem 'https://puppetmaster.solar.lan:8140/production/file_metadatas/plugins?links=manage&recurse=true&ignore=.svn&ignore=CVS&ignore=.git&checksum_type=md5'

      Since current != desired, puppet will re-download the file (for every pluginsync'ed file, every time the agent runs):

      Notice: /File[/Users/josh/.puppet/var/lib/facter/pe_version.rb]/content: content changed '{md5}4a9353952963b011759f3e6652a10da5' to

      The problem is that the master needs to handle checksum types like it does serialization formats. The master should have a "preferred_digest_algorithm" setting that accepts multiple values, e.g. sha256, sha1, but not md5. Then the client needs to send the checksum it accepts in the file_metadata request. The file serving code needs to validate the checksum from the request, and generate the metadata based on the requested checksum.

      There is a secondary issue in that if you specify the source parameter:

      file { '/tmp/newfile':
        ensure => file,
        source => 'puppet://fileserver.solar.lan/modules/stdlib/newfile.txt',
        checksum => 'sha256',

      Then applying it on the agent, will result in a file_metadata (singular) request that doesn't include the checksum_type. As a result, the server has no idea which checksum type to use:

      Debug: connecting to https://fileserver.solar.lan:8140/production/file_metadata/modules/stdlib/newfile.txt?links=manage&source_permissions=use


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