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    • Client 2015-04-15


      Tag and create packages

      • Developer provides the SHA - kylo - Please add the SHA as a comment (this should be the commit which contains the newly updated version.rb)
      • checkout the sha
      • Make sure you are about to tag the correct thing
      • Create the tag e.g.) git tag -s -u {GPG key}

        -m "1.7.3" 1.7.3

      • You need to know the pass phrase for this to complete successfully. It's important that we make sure all releases are signed to verify authenticity.
      • DO NOT push the tag to the repo, keep it local only
      • `git describe` will show you the tag. Make sure you're building what you think you're building.
      • Make sure you look over the code that has changed since the previous release so we know what's going out the door.
      • run `rake package:implode package:bootstrap pl:jenkins:uber_build` when you've verified what version you're building (this uses the latest version of the packaging repo to build the packages).
      • If this is a puppet release, you have to build the windows msi. This is done using jenkins jobs on jenkins-legacy. You have to make sure you're targeting the correct versions of hiera, facter and puppet.
      • melissa please add a comment with location of packages.

      For puppet, don't forget the msi packages. This usually comes after other smoke testing is going well since it does require the tag to be pushed live.


      • Every ticket before this except for release notes.




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