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Non-English values in environment variables gets garbled on Windows



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    • PUP 3.7.4
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    • Windows
    • Windows 7 64 bit Swedish
      Windows 10 TP Build 10041 64 bit English
      PE 3.7.2 (Puppet 3.7.4) 64-bit (Ruby 2.0.0)

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      I discovered a problem today when I ran one of my modules on a computer running Windows. The cause of the problem was non-US characters in the users home directory (aka userprofile). The non-US characters in question was å, ä and ö. My only way of solving this was to rename the user account on the computer to a name with only English characters.

      I managed to reproduce the problem with a minimal manifest that I include in this ticket. The manifest works fine if my user account is c:\Users\John but if I change it to c:\Users\Jöhn it destroys the Swedish character and instead outputs C:\Users\JA›ƒ,ªA?hn

      This happens in an exec resource like this:

      	exec { 'tomcat-configure-service':
      		command  => "powershell.exe Get-ChildItem Env:",
      		onlyif   => 'powershell.exe exit 0',      
      		provider => windows,
      		logoutput => true,
      		#notify => $tomcat_service,
      		tag      => 'tomcat-configure-service',

      To reproduce the error I ran it like this on Windows in cmd.exe:

      set USERNAME=Jöhn
      set USERPROFILE=C:\Users\Jöhn
      M:\Virtual Machines\Puppet Windows development\synced_folder>puppet apply manifests\bug_swedish_userprofile.pp --test

      In the output you can see the garbled text. I include the complete output in the attached file puppetrun.log. To also see it internally in Ruby I added logging to util.rb. Simply replace it in C:\Program Files\Puppet Labs\Puppet Enterprise\puppet\lib\puppet with mine.

      This problem is a serious road block for running this in production so I would like to see it prioritized.


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