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Theme: Validation - multiple roles wants to get errors early



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      As an author of manifests I want to get errors at parse time rather than at evaluation time.

      This will give me up front knowledge of more issues that needs to be fixed in our manifests without me having to do a full compilation and run for a node. This will save me time, and will increase quality as I expect to be able to catch more errors with parse validation as code is being checked in. (where it is impractical and expensive for us to run full acceptance tests).

      I also expect that the quality of the error messages will be higher, as I expect that type inference will be done in such a way that it not only tells me what it expected the type of a value to be, but also why it expected that. This will save additional time as it makes it easier to understand what it wrong, and how to fix the problem.

      I also expect that the parse time validation validates all code paths in contrast to run-time errors that only occur when conditional logic made the code path with the problem be evaluated. For me that means I will get increased confidence in the quality of our manifests.

      Theme Epic

      This thematic epic is for Code Validation across all versions. For specific versions new epics should be created that indicates the version. e.g.
      "4.xCode Validation". Such epics should be linked to this epic using the "supports" kind of link. Individual tickets may be added here, but should be moved when it is clear which version they should go into.


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