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On AIX, an already installed package is not updated when using "ensure => latest"


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      Bug Fix
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      On AIX, packages that are already installed will now update to the latest version when using {{ensure => latest}}.
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      On AIX (reported on 7.1 TL3 SP5), when using "ensure => latest" on a package, puppet does not install the latest version available if the package (in this case, an older version) is already installed. If specifying a version number (i.e., the package is updated to this version.

      Below is a sample output of the command puppet uses to produce a list of packages and their version numbers:

      #/usr/sbin/installp -L -d .
      EMC:EMC.CELERRA.aix.rte: CELERRA AIX Support Software::::0::
      EMC:EMC.CELERRA.iscsi.rte: CELERRA iSCSI Support Software::::0::
      EMC:EMC.CLARiiON.aix.rte: CLARiiON AIX Support Software::::0::
      EMC:EMC.CLARiiON.fcp.MPIO.rte: CLARiiON FCP MPIO Support Software::::0::
      EMC:EMC.CLARiiON.fcp.rte: CLARiiON FCP Support Software::::0::
      EMC:EMC.CLARiiON.iscsi.rte: CLARiiON iSCSI Support Software::::0::
      EMC:EMC.INVISTA.aix.rte: INVISTA AIX Support Software::::0::
      EMC:EMC.INVISTA.fcp.MPIO.rte: INVISTA FCP MPIO Support Software::::0::
      EMC:EMC.INVISTA.fcp.rte: INVISTA FCP Support Software::::0::
      EMC:EMC.Symmetrix.aix.rte: Symmetrix AIX Support Software::::0::
      EMC:EMC.Symmetrix.fcp.MPIO.rte: Symmetrix FCP MPIO Support Software::::0::
      EMC:EMC.Symmetrix.fcp.rte: Symmetrix FCP Support Software::::0::
      EMC:EMC.Symmetrix.iscsi.rte: Symmetrix iSCSI Support Software::::0::
      EMC:EMC.XtremIO.aix.rte: XtremIO AIX Support Software::::0::
      EMC:EMC.XtremIO.fcp.MPIO.rte: XtremIO FCP MPIO Support Software::::0::
      EMC:EMC.XtremIO.fcp.rte: XtremIO FCP Support Software::::0::

      So the version available to install is, version is currently installed, but the newer version is not installed when using ensure => latest. When specifying as the version, the package is updated.


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