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Improve Beaker Workflow



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    • Improve Acceptance Test Workflow
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      Puppet implements various rake tasks for running acceptance tests and preserving VM hosts, but they need work and really belong elsewhere.

      This epic is about improving test workflow so that it is easy to:

      0. Figure out what the workflow is and what tasks are available:
      1. Provision a set of hosts
      2. Install necessary packages, e.g. puppet-agent, puppetserver, puppetdb
      3. Run setup steps
      4. Run tests
      5. Preserve VMs in a way so that it is trivial* to re-run the test, skipping all provisioning and setup steps.
      6. Keep track of what VMs are running, and provide tasks to cleanup.
      7. Improve `git` style acceptance so it's easy to write tests without needing full puppet-agent packages

      Most of this is possible using beaker today, but it is manual, error-prone and doesn't work consistently well. For example, you can feed a host file to beaker with template information, but it's not easy to find where this file is, and how to feed it back into the next test run.

      The benefit of doing this is to improve cycle time when developing and improving acceptance tests.


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