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puppet lookup --facts <json file> can't modify $facts hash



    • Bug Fix
    • The {{lookup}} command line tool did not set facts given on the command line such that they ended up in {{$facts}} variable.
    • Automate
    • We should make a test for this in puppet and facter


      I was trying to simulate a change to my $facts['networking'] fact, so I ran facter --json > ~/Desktop/facts.json, edited the appropriate spot, and tried to pass that to puppet lookup --facts. No dice: my change was ignored.

      That's because I was using facts.networking in my hierarchy, and apparently --facts doesn't actually set the $facts variable — it just sets top-scope variables with names from the JSON.

      • Problem one: That's unexpected, and it interferes with using facter --json as a basis for simulating other nodes.

      So, I tried wrapping the facts json in another object with only a "facts": key. Which resulted in the following error: "Error: Could not run: Attempt to assign to a reserved variable name: 'facts'"

      • Problem two: If your hierarchy uses the $facts variable like we recommend (instead of ::factname vars), it's impossible to simulate any changes with the puppet lookup CLI. I expect this blocks setting other values for $trusted or $server_facts, as well.

      The first problem goes into the bucket of things we need to discuss around puppet lookup's UX. The second problem seems like a straight-up defect.


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