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Re-implement `puppet facts upload` and associated server endpoint



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    • PUP 5.5.0
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    • Re-enable `puppet facts upload`
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    • Having fresh facts is only going to become higher priority as tasks become more popular and users get more experience with PQL for targeting them. This is also a big enabler of the direct puppet workflow.
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      In PUP-1874 and PUP-2560 we unwisely removed a useful bit of functionality: the ability to upload facts to the master independent of catalog request. The implementation talked to a deprecated API, and what we should have done was to improve the server API, not remove the functionality completely. Users find this extremely useful (see PUP-5934) and it's an important stepping stone on the road to asynchronous catalog compilation in Direct Puppet.

      This ticket should track the re-implementation of this functionality. There are two parts:
      1. a command line executable which, when run, gathers facts and uploads them to the puppet master
      2. an endpoint on the puppet-server which receives the facts and submits them to PuppetDB. This endpoint should be subject to tk-auth rules that permit a node to replace its own facts. (The documented workaround of having endpoints upload their facts directly to puppetdb is unsuitable because most sites do not expose the puppetdb API to endpoints at all.)


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