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I18N update rubocop-i18n to complain about translation strings that contain formatting string like %s and %f



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      We should update rubocop-i18n to support complaining about then a translated string contains the formatting strings like %s and %f
      We should correct issues found in the puppet source
      We should update puppet to use this version of rubocop-i18n

      This way when someone checks something in then Travis CI would run the rubocop tests and fail.

      I was reviewing the puppet.po file when I noticed that we a bunch of %s and a few %f entries in the strings. This is mostly caused when the puppet code builds up the text string to be output. This makes it hard on translators as they only have a small piece of the whole sentence to work with. This will make for a poor reading experience in some languages.

      Here is a list of what I found while looking:

      #: ../lib/puppet/face/module/list.rb:120
      msgid "Module '%s' (v%s) fails to meet some dependencies:"
      msgstr "モジュール'%s' (v%s)は一部の依存関係を満たしていません:"
      #: ../lib/puppet/network/auth_config_parser.rb:54
      msgid "allowing %s access"
      msgstr " %sアクセスを許可しています。"
      #: ../lib/puppet/network/auth_config_parser.rb:56
      msgid "denying %s access"
      msgstr "%s アクセスを拒否しています。"
      #: ../lib/puppet/network/auth_config_parser.rb:58
      msgid "allowing IP %s access"
      msgstr "IP %s アクセスを許可しています。"
      #: ../lib/puppet/network/auth_config_parser.rb:60
      msgid "denying IP %s access"
      msgstr "IP %s アクセスを拒否しています。"
      #: ../lib/puppet/network/auth_config_parser.rb:62
      msgid "allowing 'method' %s"
      msgstr "'method' %sを許可しています。"
      #: ../lib/puppet/network/auth_config_parser.rb:64
      msgid "adding environment %s"
      msgstr "環境 %sを追加しています。"
      #: ../lib/puppet/network/auth_config_parser.rb:66
      msgid "adding authentication %s"
      msgstr "認証%sを追加しています。"
      #: ../lib/puppet/network/http/rack.rb:26
      msgid "Internal Server Error: \"%s\""
      msgstr "内部サーバエラー: \"%s\""
      #: ../lib/puppet/network/http/rack.rb:28
      msgid "Puppet Server (Rack): Internal Server Error: Unhandled Exception: \"%s\""
      msgstr "Puppetサーバ(ラック): 内部サーバエラー: 未処理の例外: \"%s\""
      #: ../lib/puppet/network/http/webrick.rb:30
      msgid "Client did not send data within %.1f seconds of connecting"
      msgstr "クライアントが接続から%.1f秒以内にデータを送信しませんでした。"
      #: ../lib/puppet/provider/package/opkg.rb:25
      msgid "Failed to match line %s"
      msgstr "行 %sのマッチに失敗しました。"
      #: ../lib/puppet/provider/package/pkg.rb:46
      #: ../lib/puppet/provider/package/pkg.rb:55
      msgid "Unknown format %s: %s[%s]"
      msgstr "不明なフォーマット %s: %s[%s]"
      #: ../lib/puppet/provider/package/pkg.rb:85
      msgid "Unknown format %s: %s"
      msgstr "不明なフォーマット %s: %s"
      #: ../lib/puppet/provider/package/pkg.rb:104
      msgid "Unknown line format %s: %s"
      msgstr "不明な行フォーマット %s: %s"
      #: ../lib/puppet/provider/package/pkgutil.rb:73
      #: ../lib/puppet/provider/package/pkgutil.rb:145
      msgid "Cannot match %s"
      msgstr " %sが一致しません。"
      #: ../lib/puppet/provider/package/pkgutil.rb:91
      msgid "Package not in pkgutil catalog: %s"
      msgstr "パッケージはpkgutilカタログにありません: %s"
      #: ../lib/puppet/transaction.rb:180
      msgid "Evaluated in %0.2f seconds"
      msgstr "%0.2f 秒で検証されました。"
      #: ../lib/puppet/transaction/resource_harness.rb:147
      #: ../lib/puppet/transaction/resource_harness.rb:155
      msgid "change from %s to %s failed: "
      msgstr "%s から %s への変更に失敗しました: "
      #: ../lib/puppet/transaction/resource_harness.rb:212
      msgid "audit change: previously recorded value %s has been changed to %s"
      msgstr "オーディット変更: 以前に記録された値 %s が %sに変更されました。"
      #: ../lib/puppet/transaction/resource_harness.rb:222
      msgid " (previously recorded value was %s)"
      msgstr " (以前に記録された値は%s)"
      #: ../lib/puppet/transaction/resource_harness.rb:229
      msgid "current_value %s, should be %s (noop)"
      msgstr "current_value %s、%s にする必要があります(noop)。"
      #: ../lib/puppet/transaction/resource_harness.rb:238
      msgid "changed %s to %s"
      msgstr "%s から%sへ変更しました。"
      #: ../lib/puppet/transaction/resource_harness.rb:261
      msgid "audit change: newly-recorded value %s"
      msgstr "オーディット変更: 新たに記録された値%s"
      #: ../lib/puppet/type/schedule.rb:374
      msgid "%s is not a valid day of the week"
      msgstr "%s は有効な曜日ではありません。"
      #. TRANSLATORS forms the end of a string indicating how long a
      #. given operation took
      #: ../lib/puppet/util.rb:228
      msgid " in %0.2f seconds"
      msgstr " %0.2f 秒"


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