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Non-existent Solaris SMF services are no longer defined as :stopped (LTS breaking change)


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      In Puppet 4.10.9, non-existent Solaris SMF services reported a state of :absent instead of :stopped. This change could break some workflows, so the behavior has been reverted in this release to report non-existent Solaris SMF services as :stopped.
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      In Puppet 4.10.9, the behavior of non-existent Solaris SMF services changed, and at least one PE customer with a large Solaris install base has reported that this is preventing them from upgrading within the LTS series.

      Previously, non-existent Solaris SMF services reported their state as :stopped, and could be defined as :stopped in Puppet code, to ensure that unwanted services were not running, even if they were not installed.

      In Puppet 4.10.9, this behavior was changed to cause non-existent Solaris SMF services to report a state of :absent. A change like this should probably not be included in our LTS releases. Reverting the commits related to this change should be sufficient to resolve this issue for our customers.


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