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File Resource: error when attempting to use checksum and checksum_value to retrieve from filebucket



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    • PUP 5.5.2
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    • Platform Core KANBAN
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      Describe steps to reproduce…

      • manifest.pp

          file { '/Users/<user>/PUP7534/firstFile':
             content => 'hello world',
             ensure => file

      • bundle exec ./bin/puppet apply manifest.pp
      • md5 /Users/<user>/PUP7534/firstFile
        • to get checksum
      • checksum.pp

         file { '/Users/<user>/PUP7534/targetFile':
            ensure  => 'file',
            checksum => 'md5',
            checksum_value => '5eb63bbbe01eeed093cb22bb8f5acdc3',

      • bundle exec ./bin/puppet apply checksum.pp

      Desired Behavior:

      specifying checksum and checksum_value properties on a file resource causes puppet to use the corresponding file from filebucket to sync the file resource

      Actual Behavior:

      using checksum and checksum_value properties on a file resource result in an error: 'Checksum value is ignored unless content or source are specified'

      Acceptance Criteria:

      • When checksum/checksum_value and content are specified
        • compare checksum_value to file content on disk
          • if out of sync 
            • if content property
              • use content property value to update file content on disk
            • else
              • use checksum_value to retrieve from filebucket
      • When checksum/checksum_value and source are specified
        • this is fine
        • if checksum doesn't match then look at source file (in_sync?)
        • if no source fall back to file bucket
      • When one but not both of checksum or checksum_value are specified
        • there should be a default for checksum so this isn't an issue
      • checksum type without value
        • make sure nothing terrible happens here
      • source without checksum
        • ?





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