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      Extract the code from puppet and into your module. You'll be copying the existing file structure into your module, but you will need to keep an eye out for any implicit dependencies that only really manifest in the code.

      * Generate a new module skeleton using PDK
      * Copy existing files from puppet to the new module, preserving the existing file layout
      * Ensure the unit tests pass successfully using `pdk test unit`
      * Ensure rubocop violations are fixed using `pdk validate`
      * Circle back and make sure the unit tests still pass after fixing any rubocop violations
      * Migrate the acceptance tests to use beaker-rspec, you'll need to add a system_test group to .sync.yml, create a default nodeset, move the location of the tests, and change them to use an rspec like syntax.
      * Once acceptance, spec, and rubocop tests all pass successfully, you'll want to build and verify your module to make sure the code is picked up and runs succesfully when installed as an independent module.
      * Make sure the readme is filled out fully with details on your module.

      For details, see




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