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AIX package installation is not checking state of the package



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    • NW - 2020-04-29
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    • AIX customers usually have a high number of systems and agent should ensure that packages are in a consistent state.
    • Bug Fix
    • Fix an issue where broken AIX packages were incorrectly treated as installed.
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      When we installing packages on AIX servers, We are only checking package name and version. We are not checking the package state. If the package is broken or inconsistent state, the puppet is not reporting any error. Puppet thinks the package is installed and good shape. So it is leaving the customer to check manually about the issue. 


      One of our customer package was installed but it was inconsistent, puppet didn't check the status of that package. 

      For example: 

      Broken state:-


      [root@tstspap221:/root]# /usr/sbin/installp -L -d /nfs/infra/veritas/sw/VOM/VRTSsfmh_7.3.1.200_AIX.bff

      VRTSsfmh:VRTSsfmh: Infoscale Operations Manager Managed Host::::0::

      [root@tstspap221:/root]# /usr/bin/lslpp -Lc VRTSsfmh

      #Package Name:Fileset:Level:State:PTF Id:Fix State:Type:Description:Destination Dir.:Uninstaller:Message Catalog:Message Set:Message Number:Parent:Automatic:EFIX Locked:Install Path:Build Date

      VRTSsfmh:VRTSsfmh: : :?: :Veritas Infoscale Operations Manager Managed Host: : : : : : :0:0:/:





      Successful installation:-


      [root@qatcdex143:/root]# lslpp -Lcq VRTSsfmh

      VRTSsfmh:VRTSsfmh: : :C: :Veritas Infoscale Operations Manager Managed Host: : : : : : :0:0:/:

      [root@qatcdex143:/root]# /usr/sbin/installp -L -d /nfs/infra/veritas/sw/VOM/VRTSsfmh_7.3.1.200_AIX.bff

      VRTSsfmh:VRTSsfmh: Infoscale Operations Manager Managed Host::::0::



      State codes:
      A – Applied.
      B – Broken.
      C – Committed.
      E – EFIX Locked.
      O – Obsolete. (partially migrated to newer version)
      ? – Inconsistent State...Run lppchk -v.


      Can we add install_option for AIX provider ? Currently AIX provider will not support install_option attribute. 


      Expected Result,


      If broken package or incosistent pacakge , Puppet will raise error and report failed change. 







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