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Enable localizations for extracted modules



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    • We are now doing translations for extracted modules
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      puppetlabs_spec_helper adds a dependency on gettext-setup which provides the gettext::* rake tasks, however, it is only enabled if the module defines a locales/ directory and provides a config.yaml within. So for each module, create locales/config.yaml containing (change project and package name):

      # This is the project-specific configuration file for setting up
      # fast_gettext for your project.
        # This is used for the name of the .pot and .po files; they will be
        # called <project_name>.pot?
        project_name: puppetlabs-augeas_core
        # This is used in comments in the .pot and .po files to indicate what
        # project the files belong to and should bea little more desctiptive than
        # <project_name>
        package_name: puppetlabs-augeas_core
        # The locale that the default messages in the .pot file are in
        default_locale: en
        # The email used for sending bug reports.
        bugs_address: docs@puppet.com
        # The holder of the copyright.
        copyright_holder: Puppet, Inc.
        # This determines which comments in code should be eligible for translation.
        # Any comments that start with this string will be externalized. (Leave
        # empty to include all.)
        comments_tag: TRANSLATOR
        # Patterns for +Dir.glob+ used to find all files that might contain
        # translatable content, relative to the project root directory
            - './lib/**/*.rb'

      Run bundle exec rake gettext:update_pot to create the initial .pot file
      Commit the newly added file
      Enable LOCALIZATION_ENABLED in ci-job-configs
      Verify i18n job runs and adds i18n commit to the repo, eg https://jenkins-master-prod-1.delivery.puppetlabs.net/view/modules/view/Core/view/augeas_core/view/master/job/forge-module_puppetlabs-augeas_core_i18n-ruby_master/
      .. and more




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