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Puppet agent should not fall back to puppet:0 when servers in server_list are unreachable


    • Release Notes:
      Bug Fix
    • Release Notes Summary:
      If `server_list` is set and a functional server is not found, puppet will error rather than fall back to the `server` setting.
    • QA Risk Assessment:
      Needs Assessment


      Repro steps:

      • Install a puppet master
      • Remove 'server' setting from puppet.conf
      • Add 'server_list' setting to 'puppet.conf' with the master hostname and a port that is unreachable - {hostname}


      • Run puppet agent -t --debug


      • You see the following in stdout:

      Debug: Creating new connection for https://rjvrvpaz5nkmddc.delivery.puppetlabs.net:6666
      Debug: Using cached certificate_revocation_list for ca
      Debug: Starting connection for https://rjvrvpaz5nkmddc.delivery.puppetlabs.net:6666
      Warning: Could not select a functional puppet master
      Debug: Failed to load library 'msgpack' for feature 'msgpack': cannot load such file -- msgpack
      Debug: Puppet::Network::Format[msgpack]: feature msgpack is missing
      Debug: node supports formats: json pson yaml
      Debug: Creating new connection for *https://puppet:0*
      Debug: Starting connection for *https://puppet:0*

      Trying to run against https://puppet:0 takes a while to time out due to TCP timeout (since DNS lookup fails). Also, not sure of the impact but someone could potentially set up a server named puppet on the network and intercept all requests intended for the master in the case where the master is unavailable.

      We should not be falling back to puppet:0


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