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PUP 4.2.0

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Version PUP 4.2.0


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Released: 2015/06/24

Release Notes

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BlockerBugPUP-4747resource_types response has AST for parameters' default valuesUnassignedClosed
MajorBugPUP-4635Cannot install packages without membership to any group with pacman provider UnassignedClosed
MajorBugPUP-4709Square braces in title confuse puppet 4 parserUnassignedClosed
NormalNew FeaturePUP-1253systemd service provider should support maskingUnassignedClosed
NormalBugPUP-1295Yum provider "purge" target runs irrespective of package installation statusUnassignedClosed
NormalBugPUP-1352package ensure => purged is too noisy!UnassignedClosed
NormalImprovementPUP-1931mount provider improvement when options property is not specifiedUnassignedClosed
NormalTaskPUP-2400Add acceptance tests for mount typeJohn DuarteClosed
NormalBugPUP-2638Puppet apply fails to write the graph if puppet agent has never runUnassignedClosed
NormalBugPUP-3088Debug logging messages can't be used by providers with a "path" methodUnassignedClosed
NormalBugPUP-3166Debian service provider on docker with insserv (dep boot sequencing)UnassignedClosed
NormalBugPUP-3341Puppet apply breaks when an ENC returns an environmentUnassignedClosed
NormalNew FeaturePUP-3480Puppet does not have Python 3 package provider (pip3)UnassignedClosed
NormalBugPUP-3930Applying catalogs spends an inordinate amount of time checking for failed dependencies.UnassignedClosed
NormalBugPUP-4030Add support for no_proxy env varUnassignedClosed
NormalBugPUP-4131Gem version specifiers are not idempotentUnassignedClosed
NormalNew FeaturePUP-4210Support "rename" in the augeas resource typeUnassignedClosed
NormalTaskPUP-4342add acceptance to call all parser functionsUnassignedClosed
NormalImprovementPUP-4347Add test(s) for the File resource ignore attributeUnassignedClosed
NormalTaskPUP-4356Remove undocumented puppetversion key functionality in module metadataUnassignedClosed
NormalNew FeaturePUP-4363Support splay in apply as wellUnassignedClosed
NormalBugPUP-4386Windows Group resource reports errors incorrectly when specifying an invalid group memberUnassignedClosed
NormalBugPUP-4413Add acceptance test that 3.x forbidden env names work in 4.xUnassignedClosed
NormalBugPUP-4431Service with 'hasstatus => false' failsUnassignedClosed
NormalBugPUP-4436With a gem install of puppet, when run as root, 'puppet {agent|apply}' failUnassignedClosed
NormalImprovementPUP-4466add acceptance: ensure functions can be written/executed in puppet languageUnassignedClosed
NormalSub-taskPUP-4473Extend file-based ENC spec tests to include WindowsUnassignedClosed
NormalBugPUP-4497Yum package provider: ensure => latest fails when obsoleted packages are presentMelissa StoneClosed
NormalBugPUP-4503systemd should be the default provider for Debian JessieMelissa StoneClosed
NormalImprovementPUP-4517Add type name to Puppet.newtype deprecation warningUnassignedClosed
NormalImprovementPUP-4521Pass agent-requested environment to external node classifiersUnassignedClosed
NormalImprovementPUP-4522Provide Facts for a classifier to select whether to enable overriding the environmentUnassignedClosed
NormalTaskPUP-4524Rewrite spec/unit/provider/service/base_spec.rb to stub command executionUnassignedClosed
NormalBugPUP-4530FreeBSD specific Service provider fixUnassignedClosed
NormalTaskPUP-4532Remove passenger testing in AIO pipelinesUnassignedClosed
NormalBugPUP-4538plugin face application does not use source permissions during fact syncUnassignedClosed
NormalBugPUP-4546pkgin output incorrectly parsedUnassignedClosed
NormalBugPUP-4562'bsd' service provider non-functionalMelissa StoneClosed
NormalSub-taskPUP-4573Update version number in sourceHenrik LindbergClosed
NormalImprovementPUP-4601Puppet gem should require at least 1.9+ ruby versionUnassignedClosed
NormalSub-taskPUP-4609Create spec test for useful function call error messageUnassignedClosed
NormalBugPUP-4648Problem of indentation with epp()UnassignedClosed
NormalBugPUP-46524420_pluginfacts test fails with multiple agent nodesUnassignedClosed
NormalBugPUP-4659environment_scenario test failures when master has agent roleUnassignedClosed
NormalBugPUP-4662EPP template can't explicitly access top scope variables if there's no node definition in the scope chainUnassignedClosed
NormalBugPUP-4663Make systemd the default service provider for Fedora 22UnassignedClosed
NormalBugPUP-4665Puppet::Parser::Scope has no inspect method which is causing an extremely large string to be producedErik DasherClosed
NormalBugPUP-4666acceptance test build_ignore_module_file fails if '/tmp/test' already existsJeremy BarlowClosed
NormalBugPUP-4668cannot create a define named something that starts with 'class'UnassignedClosed
NormalBugPUP-4693The pw provider for users and groups should be confined to freeBSDUnassignedClosed
NormalBugPUP-4698Make fqdn_rand() Return A Numeric Instead of a StringUnassignedClosed
NormalBugPUP-4749"testdir" incorrectly used in 'calling_all_functions' acceptance testUnassignedClosed
NormalBugPUP-4753cannot call 4.x functions from 3.x function ERB templatesUnassignedClosed
MinorImprovementPUP-3539add additional spec tests to cover globbing ACL matches in fileserver.confUnassignedClosed
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